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Live Life Quotes – Part 2



1.“In life, it does not matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments made you hold your breath. So live life for those moments, because at the end it’s all that matters.”


2.“When life offers you lemons, smile back and make lemonade out of them.”


3.“Do not share your problems to other people. One part of them doesn’t care and the other part is happy that you sayings about lifehave them.”


4.“Do not gaze at the closed front gate, but look for the back door, the window is also an option.


5.”Love the life, live the dream, dream the love.”


6.“Live life to the fullest. Never regret anything. Don’t look back. Don’t look down. Look only forward, preferably into the eyes of someone beautiful.”


7.“Friendship is best tested through hardship.”


8.“Live life without making excuses and love without feeling regrets.”


9.“Don’t wait for the storm to pass, praise the rain and learn to walk through the mud with a smile on your face.”


10.“It’s the hardship that makes us strong, so wish for more.”


11.“If you want love in the future, forget the love in the past.”


12.“Make no mistakes… Bad thought, just don’t worry, be happy, no one is perfect.”


13.“Love is not an asset, nor a liability. It is just a choice, and so make it a good one.”


14.“Do not hold to memories, create moments.”


15.“Be grateful you have enemies. This means that you have something valuable.”quotes about life


16.“Never cut what can be untied.”


17.“When someone hugs you let them be the first to let go.”


18.“Watch out for big problems, for they hide big opportunities. Do not miss them, because of fear.”


19.“You can’t make a bad choice. Whatever you do, there is either gain or lesson. Pain is only one state of mind.”


20.“Once you realize that friends change, you will not have to change friends.”

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Live Life Quotes – Part 1



1.“The art of communications lies not only in saying the right things at the right time, but in leaving the wrong things at the wrong time unsaid.”


2.“Unfortunately there is no eraser in life to erase your mistakes. So when the page gets messy, turn a new one.”


LIVE LIFE QUOTES3.“Live life with the heart of a child and the brain of a grown-up.”


4.“One very important thing I’ve learned in life is that you should hold on tight to the people that are right for you, even though it is very scary.”


5.“Because sometimes we choose to follow the wrong people, in order to make the escape easier.”


6.“Take huge leaps, because an abyss is too large for small steps.”


“Even though you are going fast and are felling good, make sure you stop, just to check where you’re headed to.”


7.“Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.”


8.“My worst nightmares and my best dreams all got the same people in them. Why so?”


9.“Whoever you meet, know that he will hurt you. It is you who decides whether it is worth


10.“Not all wounds heal. Not all scars shows. Sometimes you can’t see, the pain someone feels.”


11.“Even kings trip sometimes. It’s important to remember to rise up and move on.”


Learn More shampoo and conditioner continue reading 12.“Although it doesn’t sound fun, always live life with a plan, because if you don’t make plans, someone else will do it for you and you might not always like what they’re planning.”


13.“Don’t make me your life, just the favourite part of it.”


14.“Live is what you make of it, don’t expect it to be fair.”


15.“When you are feeling really bad – smile, your heart will soon get the hint.”


16.“Do not go through life like you have nothing to lose, for if you do, you will get exactly there.”


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